Carpet / Vinyl Services in Garland, TX

TLC Group Services can install carpet on any home interior project you have. We only use the highest of quality when it comes to carpet. TLC Group Services can install any carpet of any color to your home in the Garland, TX area. Call TLC Group Services today and let us know how our team can help you with your project!


TLC Group Services LLC installs carpet for commercial establishments. A commercial carpet is easier to vacuum and does not let shoe marks on the carpet fibers. A commercial carpet is different from a residential carpet to allow for more foot traffic. If you are interested in a commercial carpet installation service, call TLC Group Services and let our experts install your commercial carpet.


TLC Group Services has provided carpet installation services to hundreds of residential homeowners in Dallas and surrounding cities. Our residential carpet installation services are reliable, affordable and done by professionals. TLC Group Services has over 20 years of experience providing full construction projects with a wide variety of home interior remodeling services. TLC Group Services installs carpet on all of the bedrooms, master bedroom and closets on new residential house projects. We have years of experience installing carpet for different house projects.

Carpet / Vinyl Options:

  • Nylon Carpet
  • Polyester Carpet
  • Olefin Carpet
  • Wool Carpet
  • Carpet Installation Services
  • Carpet Removal Services
  • Carpet Maintenance Services